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Computer Vision Technology

We are a leading computer vision technology company that focuses on image and video analysis, recognition, and dynamic advertising customization.

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  • Computer Vision Technology

Introducing our Dolo SaaS Platform


Tracy Benson Joins Pandoodle's Executive Team


Tracy Benson Joins Pandoodle's Executive…

November 07, 2014

San Francisco, June 1, 2014 - Tracy Benson has joined the Pandoodle executive team as the Chief Commercial Officer, bringing her lengthy history of applied and practical experience leading mass brands and digital disruptive startups in the...


  • HatchToday SOMA
    625 Second Street
    San Francisco, CA 94107
  • 1225 Laurel Street, Suite 403
    Columbia, SC 29201
  • T: +1 (917) 512-5435
  • F: +1 (817) 549-8758
  • info@pandoodle.com


Pandoodle has developed world-leading, proprietary software for visual analysis & dynamic personalization of images and video. We analyze the objects, people, brands, and context associated with an image or video and can also customize the image or video dynamically.

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