Los Angeles, CA, December 10, 2013 - Pandoodle enables musicians to find sponsors using the Voolio marketplace. Like independent filmmakers and web content creators, musicians are eager to find new ways to support their art. Voolio specifically empowers small labels and independent musicians by giving them access to some of the same brands and advertisers courting today’s stars.

Voolio is a platform that provides customization services as well as a marketplace for content owners and brands to find one another, negotiate brand placement terms, and conduct transactions. Artists and their managers use Voolio to add sponsors to older videos or create multiple versions of a music video for TV, mobile, and web distribution. Musicians are also reaching fans with new personalized music videos and online “backstage pass” experiences.

Malina Moye, Celia Chavez, and Haley Dreis are just some of the artists who are posting video content on Voolio to enable brand sponsorships. Upcoming partnerships include independent record labels, music video producers, and online platforms for fan engagement.

With offices in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York, and Columbia, SC, Pandoodle develops and implements technologies that make media more valuable. The company’s media customization platform and marketplace, Voolio, enables dynamic native brand placement. Using Voolio, content owners can earn significantly earn more money from their videos by incorporating computer-generated brand placements into them. Brands can better reach consumers by uploading advertising directly into videos that appears native to the original content, indistinguishable from the host film. Pandoodle also develops and implements technologies that power video games, personalizable animation, transmedia solutions, amusement park attractions, and other media products. In aggregate, the Pandoodle team has built more than nine new ventures, holds more than thirty patents, and has won six Emmy awards.

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